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Airport security and surveillance is critical in ensuring that airports and air travel are safe for everyone. The Echo Radar system provides a complete 360 degree airport perimeter surveillance solution for airports

Airport Perimeter Surveillance Solutions

Magos Radars use state of the art solid state radar technology to detect movement around the airport’s perimeter or in critical areas inside the airport.

Any Weather Conditions

Radars are the best known detection means and are optimal as a cost effective solution for protecting the airport’s perimeter with minimum installation and maintenance costs The C-Band FCC Certified technology used in our radar system is designed to operate efficiently in all weather and lighting conditions. The ability to detect in all weather conditions and any light conditions put the Magos Radar ahead of other airport perimeter detection and surveillance solutions.

Integrated with Surveillance Cameras

Magos radars are easily integrated into existing VMS,PSIM software and quickly allow PTZ slew to cue capabilities .

Our radars consume very little power(<3.5W) and require low bandwidth and thus present a highly effective deployable security solution that can be quickly deployed in case of malfunction or gap in the existing perimeter security system.

Magos radars are easy to install, integrate and maintain thus making them the most efficient perimeter detection and protection means in the market.

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Protect Ports and Harbors with Perimeter Radar Security Systems

Seaports usually cover vast areas with multiple shipping containers, this makes traditional surveillance methods a challenge. This is where the Magos Radar out performs the traditional surveillance camera by covering wide areas with its superb detection capabilities at all weather conditions.

Radar for Seaport Perimeter Surveillance

This cost effective solution will eliminate the need for many surveillance cameras, it’s wide area coverage provides a high detection rate with minimal false alarms.

Cutting edge multi beam radar technology makes the Magos Radar system perfect for seaport perimeter surveillance, it is great at detecting threats in any weather condition. Rain, snow or fog are no match for the early detection all weather radar system.

Integrated Radar-Camera Perimeter security system

Once the radar detects an object, the PTZ cameras are automatically cued to identify the target. After identification is made the security personnel can plan the best course of action to take with adequate response time thanks to the early warning received from the radars.

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Oil Refineries

The oil and gas industry are considered high risk locations and require sophisticated perimeter surveillance systems due to the harsh and remote locations they are located in and their complicated layout.

Security Radar for Oil Refinery Perimeter Security

The Magos Radar oil refinery perimeter security system provides the best in ground target detection for oil refineries. The solid state multi beam radar will detect any suspect activity in a 360 degree perimeter and alert security personnel.

All Weather Surveillance

No matter what the weather conditions are, Magos Radars will continue to perform its high level intrusion detection. VMD based detection cameras suffer from degraded detection in rain, snow and fog, while our radar technology does not have this limitation.  The radar will detect objects and people around oil wells and refineries in all weather and lighting conditions, making it the perfect oil refinery perimeter security system.

Complete solution – Integrated Radar-Camera System

Magos Radars can be easily integrated with surveillance cameras, offering high definition video and thermal imaging. The radar will pick up targets while the cameras are cued to get a closer look so that Security personnel can then make the appropriate course of action.

The optimal solution for unattended sites

Magos radars consume less than 3.5W making them optimal for solar powered unattended sites like oil wells deployed in secluded locations.

This allows Oil&Gas companies to protect their critical assets even in the most remote locations and with the extremely low bandwidth required by our radars can wirelessly transmit the radar feed to the control center and take action ASAP.

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Power Plants

The importance of power plant perimeter security is increasing as was seen in the terrorist attack on the Metcalf substation (San Jose, CA) in April 2013.  Threats to national the power grid can cause service interruptions to millions and large economic loss. To help combat this, power plants need to invest in perimeter surveillance that is effective in protecting critical infrastructure

360° Power Plant Perimeter Security

Magos Radars provide the 360 degree perimeter protection capabilities that will ensure the security of power plants.  The radar allows for rapid detection of any incoming intrusion on to the premises. The wide area coverage will help to detect unauthorized people and vehicles before they reach high areas of the facility.

All Weather Conditions

Magos perimeter detection Radar  will detect intruders in all weather conditions, this is where cameras and thermal imaging fail. Magos Radars can keep its high detection rate through rain, fog, snow and other adverse weather conditions, making it the ultimate solution for power plant perimeter security.

Cost Effective

One Magos radar can replace dozens of Day or Thermal cameras running Video motion detection thus reducing procurement,  installation and maintenance costs and improving detection performance at all conditions

Integrated Radar – Surveillance Cameras Solution

Magos Radars have detection ranges of up to 400m for Person and 600m for vehicle or boat, low power consumption, high range resolution which lowers false alarm rate and with 120-360 degree coverage depending on the model.

These capabilities when put together with PTZ cameras  in one system create a cost effective alternative to any other perimeter detection and protection solution in the market, while giving better detection performance.

Substation Perimeter Security

Electrical substations have become a target for terrorist attacks. It is now important for substations to implement a perimeter security system that will detect intruders approaching the substation. Early detection is the key to preventing successful attacks on the electrical substations throughout the country.

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Railway Yard

Each day railways transport many critical materials such as food, oil & gas, metals and building materials. It is critical to keep railway yards safe from threats and other unwanted activities

Radar for Railway Yard Perimeter Security

Railway yards cover a large area making surveillance with just security cameras costly and hard to maintain.  The Magos Radar system solves this problem with its ability to cover a wide area perimeter with fewer devices. The radar will detect intruders in the rail yard and alert security personnel

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Solar Farm

Renewable energy is rapidly expanding in the form of large solar farms. The advanced solar panel technology can be subject to theft and damage by unwanted intruders. Solar farms cover large areas hence protecting it can be a challenge, the need for a wide coverage, radar based perimeter surveillance solution is key.

Ground Surveillance Radar for Solar Farm Perimeter Surveillance

The Magos Radar is an effective solar farm perimeter surveillance solution for covering the large area covered by solar farms. The radar creates a 360 degree perimeter around the solar farm with advanced intruder detection and offers low false alarm rates.

The long reach of the radar helps to detect intruders long before they reach the critical areas of the solar farm, thus allowing security personnel to act and prevent any intrusion into the facility, preventing theft or damage to the solar farm’s equipment.

Detect Intrusion in Any Weather

The sophisticated ground radar system will see when a security camera can’t.  The radar will still be picking up targets whether its raining, snowing or not.  A security camera may be blinded by heavy rain, fog or snow, make sure you don’t have any blind spots by using a ground radar solar farm perimeter surveillance system.

In the case study below you can see the cost effectiveness of deploying our perimeter detection radars as opposed to VMD based thermal cameras

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Electrical substations have become a target for terrorist attacks.  It is now important for substations to implement a perimeter security system that will detect intruders approaching the substation. Early detection is the key to preventing successful attacks on the electrical substations throughout the country.

Electrical substations have become a target for terrorist attacks.  It is now important for substations to implement a perimeter security system that will detect intruders approaching the substation. Early detection is the key to preventing successful attacks on the electrical substations throughout the country.

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Water Treatment Plant

It is becoming increasingly important to protect our drinking water from terrorist attacks. Contamination of our drinking water is a real threat and measures need to be taken to ensure the safety of the country’s water supply.

Security Radar for Water Facilities Perimeter Surveillance

Magos Radars provide a wide detection area with a complete 360 degree surveillance zone. Moving objects are detected well in advance so that security personnel can take action before an incident occurs.

Water treatment plant perimeter surveillance is easily setup using the Magos Radar system, once deployed remote security personnel can monitor the information from the radar to detect early intrusion attempts.

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Prisons need to be a high security facility, on alert 24/7. Fast, accurate detection via radar will help detect prison break attempts or outside smuggling attempts of contraband into the prison. The highly effective Magos Radar will give early detection of approaching people and vehicles with fewer sensors and better perimeter detection capabilities. Security personnel will then be able to determine the best course of action to take.

Radar Based Security for Prisons

Magos Radars provide correctional facilities a perimeter detection and security system that will detect prisoners trying to escape or unwanted persons approaching the prison’s perimeter. The radar will immediately detect people and other moving objects in the detection zone around the perimeter of the prison. The radar will then cue PTZ cameras and thermal imaging cameras to further investigate the threat.

Prison Perimeter Security in All Weather Conditions

Magos Radars work in all weather conditions, it will not be hindered by rain, snow dust or fog. The radar system uses cutting edge radar technology to overcome the adverse weather conditions that may interfere with other perimeter detection systems. Since the radar is solid state and has no moving parts-Minimum maintenance is required  making it a cost effective and reliable prison perimeter security solution

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Virtual Fence Radar Systems

The Magos Radar system acts like a virtual fence to secure the perimeter around any facility. The long reach of the radar beam will create a detection perimeter that will provide early warning of any threats approaching the secure zone

Surveillance Cameras

Combined with HD video and thermal imaging the Magos Radar system creates a a 360 degree virtual fence.  The radar will detect any approaching threat and cue PTZ cameras to further identify the intruders.

Wide Area Virtual Fence Coverage

Large area protection has been a challenge in the past, consisting of large scale equipment deployment of hundreds of security cameras and perimeter sensors.  Now with a with very few Magos Radars you can cover these large areas with no gaps in detection while saving money in equipment costs.

All Weather Intrusion Detection

The Magos Radar system uses C-Band radar to detect people and objects no matter the weather. Rain, fog and snow are no match for the radar’s superb detection capabilities