<h1>Correctional Facilities Perimeter Security Solution </h1>

Correctional Facilities Perimeter Security Solution

Correctional facilities deal with various threats such as prisoners breaking out and unwanted packages thrown over the fence.
Magos provides the ideal solution as it can not only identify and alert on threats inside and outside the prison walls from a long distance, but it also can track the threat as it approaches the walls providing an early warning. Moreover, it can seamlessly integrate with any security system that is installed on the premises.



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Security Solution for Correctional Facilities

A tailored security solution is needed to significantly improve prison security and prevent inmates from escaping or smuggling contraband into the facility. Inmates are constantly finding creative ways to bypass security systems and disguise their activities, making it more difficult for prison staff to maintain safety and order. To better detect potential threats, prisons can implement an end-to-end security solution that will help improve communication and coordination between the prison staff and officers. It will also provide real-time data and insights that can be used further to improve security measures. In short, a tailored security solution is essential for protecting correctional facilities from the ever-changing landscape of inmate escape attempts and contraband smuggling.

A High-Quality and Comprehensive Security System for Prisons

Magos Systems developed a unique, advanced, and innovative perimeter security system that can be used to control what happens inside or outside prison walls. Our system monitors its site's perimeter for intrusions and classifies targets. Prison management and staff will be able to identify early signs and respond in real-time, thus preventing escape attempts and stopping the smuggling of goods into the prison. In high-security facilities such as prisons, the system must meet specific specifications. It is reliable, robust, and easy to use, making it the obvious choice for prisons looking to upgrade their security system.

Why Choose MAGOS

Magos' solution provides a lower cost of ownership, infrastructure, and maintenance with no external limitations such as lighting and weather conditions at a higher technological advantage translating to near-zero nuisance and false alarms.

Magos Ground-Based Radars

High performance for outstanding detection

  • MIMO & digital beam-forming technology ensures best-in-class resolution and performance
  • Detection range of 150m to 1km for person, vehicle or boat
  • 100°-120 ° supreme azimuth coverage & a staggering 30° elevation coverage up to the installation pole that eliminates all "dead zones"
  • <1m high range accuracy and 0.7° -1° azimuth accuracy
  • Supreme detection under all weather and lighting conditions

Correctional Facilities


"With Magos Radars and Mass SW we were able to enhance our security plan. Not only that we were able to cover large areas with minimal required infrastructure, but we have also reduced our false alarms by 50% since integrating the Magos systems with our general security system”.

"Magos Systems help us to get only the relevant information for our data center security needs, thus able to make actionable decisions quickly and accurately. The integration with our current systems went smoothly and seamlessly, and the solution's usability is fantastic.”

“We rely on Magos Systems to help us secure and protect our fish farm. What makes it most invaluable are its lack of dependency on the weather, its intuitive integration, and easy configuration with our current security systems. With reliable alerts and minimal false alarms, we were able to increase our perimeter security levels".

“We were facing a significant challenge keeping our remote solar plant facilities secure at all times and decided to pilot Magos Systems solutions. After a short-term study, we have realized its actual benefits and decided to keep the system as part of our general security measures. Thanks to Magos Systems, not only we are able to cover and secure a larger area, but we save on infrastructure and maintenance costs. The integration was seamless and we saw significant improvements in reducing the false alarms triggered by wildlife.”

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"We used CCTV's solution for our parking lot extensive perimeter, but things kept getting away from us; small accidents, breakages, thefts, and more. We hesitated when our security advisor recommended Magos Systems but quickly got to witness its great results. Magos' radars provide great area coverage, minimal required infrastructure, and lower costs compared to our previous perimeter protection solution.”

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"I was a loyal client of traditional perimeter protection solutions such as camera and video analytics and was reluctant to new technologies. I was proven wrong when we were able to solve a large security concern with Magos' radars and to save about 50% of our costs. We got better detection and coverage with significantly fewer sensors. After a successful pilot, it became clear that Magos' radars are the right solution to cover our enormous athletic fields and open areas.”

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