<h1>Data Centers Perimeter Security Solution </h1>

Data Centers Perimeter Security Solution

Faced with myriad threats, including physical hacking, denial of service, and data theft, data centers are extremely sensitive facilities.
Magos’ superior solution for data center protection seamlessly integrates with various existing security systems including access control, building health monitoring, and others to ensure rapid and easy installation. The solution offers outstanding radar detection and the best nuisance alarm rejection in extreme cold weather environments, where data centers are often established to lower cooling costs. The system also reduces the number of false alarms triggered by the wildlife which is predominant in rural areas where data centers are typically found.

Traditional Security Plan


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Data Centers Physical Security System

Modern industries are largely based on data centers, as a tool for growth and success, and play a key role in the operation as well as in the storage of the most sensitive information. The data centers are usually perceived as one piece but they include a set of elements: a common infrastructure for storing computer applications, network functionality, many and varied organizational data, backup generators in cases of power outages, cabinets, batteries, and more. Industrial data centers also contain critical information about the organization's activities and its regular customers who consume its services.

The data centers bring significant savings in resources aimed at documenting and storing information and making the craft simple and quick. But this useful tool becomes the facility's biggest weakness, leaving it vulnerable to thefts and leaks of critical, and sometimes confidential, internal organizational information - employee information, employment contracts, a list of budgets assigned to each parameter in the organization, future plans, and in some cases funds stored in the system. Thefts from these information centers have far-reaching implications for the reputation of the organization in the eyes of the target audience to which its services are directed, and as a result, the profitability of the organization is impaired.

Providing Optimal Security Protection for Data Centers

At Magos, we understand the importance of data security. That's why we offer state of the art physical perimeter security systems for data centers, of intrusion detection and target classification to its site’s perimeters. We help to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter the data center, and with our intrusion detection capabilities can help to identify potential threats and stop them before they cause damage. With Magos, you can rest assured that your data center site’s perimeter is safe and secure.

Why Choose MAGOS

Magos' solution provides a lower cost of ownership, infrastructure, and maintenance with no external limitations such as lighting and weather conditions at a higher technological advantage translating to near-zero nuisance and false alarms.

Magos Ground-Based Radars

High performance for outstanding detection

  • MIMO & digital beam-forming technology ensures best-in-class resolution and performance
  • Detection range of 150m to 1km for person, vehicle or boat
  • 100°-120 ° supreme azimuth coverage & a staggering 30° elevation coverage up to the installation pole that eliminates all "dead zones"
  • <1m high range accuracy and 0.7° -1° azimuth accuracy
  • Supreme detection under all weather and lighting conditions

Data Centers


"With Magos Radars and Mass SW we were able to enhance our security plan. Not only that we were able to cover large areas with minimal required infrastructure, but we have also reduced our false alarms by 50% since integrating the Magos systems with our general security system”.

"Magos Systems help us to get only the relevant information for our data center security needs, thus able to make actionable decisions quickly and accurately. The integration with our current systems went smoothly and seamlessly, and the solution's usability is fantastic.”

“We rely on Magos Systems to help us secure and protect our fish farm. What makes it most invaluable are its lack of dependency on the weather, its intuitive integration, and easy configuration with our current security systems. With reliable alerts and minimal false alarms, we were able to increase our perimeter security levels".

“We were facing a significant challenge keeping our remote solar plant facilities secure at all times and decided to pilot Magos Systems solutions. After a short-term study, we have realized its actual benefits and decided to keep the system as part of our general security measures. Thanks to Magos Systems, not only we are able to cover and secure a larger area, but we save on infrastructure and maintenance costs. The integration was seamless and we saw significant improvements in reducing the false alarms triggered by wildlife.”

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"We used CCTV's solution for our parking lot extensive perimeter, but things kept getting away from us; small accidents, breakages, thefts, and more. We hesitated when our security advisor recommended Magos Systems but quickly got to witness its great results. Magos' radars provide great area coverage, minimal required infrastructure, and lower costs compared to our previous perimeter protection solution.”

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"I was a loyal client of traditional perimeter protection solutions such as camera and video analytics and was reluctant to new technologies. I was proven wrong when we were able to solve a large security concern with Magos' radars and to save about 50% of our costs. We got better detection and coverage with significantly fewer sensors. After a successful pilot, it became clear that Magos' radars are the right solution to cover our enormous athletic fields and open areas.”

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