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Installation Case
Farm Protection with SR-500
Protecting farms from robbery and vandalism has been a challenge for long time, Especially in Africa.
Magos provides a solution for wide perimeter area

Farms in Africa have been exposed to intrusions for decades. The absence of clear perimeter limits, geographical separation and isolation from urban police services lead to increasing cases of theft, robbery violence and even murder by intruders who believe they might inherent the property by killing its owner.

he South African Police Service has argued that the majority of attackers are motivated purely by a desire to rob farmers, and that  farmers are more likely to be murdered than the average South African citizen (1).
According to a BBC report, farm murders are at their highest level since 2010-11 as South Africa’s Police Service  states that 74 people were murdered on farms between April 2016 and March 2017, up from 58 in the previous year (2).
These circumstances lead to a rising immediate need for an efficient  perimeter security solution that could eventually save farmers’ life.
Currently, most farms, which have only installed electric perimeter fence and or VMD cameras, report that these solutions are insufficient and therefore examine additional and alternative options.

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  2. BBC Report

After examining option,  a farm owner contacted Magos for supplying a sufficient solution, especially covering critical areas.

Magos Multi-Layer Solution

1. Magos SR500 radars – 4 radars installed in four spots on site’s corners, providing coverage of critical zones. The radars detect up to 500m by azimuth 120 degrees including “dead zones” of under the poles thanks to elevation rate of 30 degrees.
2. PTZ Cameras – 6 cameras around the perimeter, integrated to the SR500’s sensors tracking real time movement within covered area. The cameras were also integrated to MASS software.
3. MASS Software installed on a simple PC and allows access from any device including a mobile phone– The software controls and monitors all live alerts based on the radar’s sensors and PTZ cameras. The software was synchronized to MILESTONE video analytics software – one of the most common in the world.

Full coverage for critical areas
  1. Reliability – The multi-layer radar based solution provides full protection to sensitive areas such as the house itself, allowing detection before intruders can reach the perimeter, recognizing movements in any lighting conditions and eventually saving lives. In addition radars inherently minimize false alarm rates compared to VMD and electronic fences.
  2. Easy Installation – Simple integration to cameras allowing real-time events de-briefing, monitoring and managing and thus minimizing mishandling errors. MASS platform can be integrated with virtually any video management software and controlled from any device including a mobile-phone application.
  3. Cost Effective – A small number of radars covering wide perimeter allows saving costs both in HW and in infrastructure compared to the alternatives such as camera-based solutions or full-time security patrolling personnel. The radars are stable in any weather and lighting conditions, have no moving parts and therefore very higher rates of MTBF – further reducing maintenance costs.

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