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Isolated – Remote Site
A good example for a perimeter security system need and its tailored solution based Magos products is presented here.

A petroleum company is building a new pipe. The workers and their equipment require an operating site that includes accommodations and storage units for their equipment. The requirement is that this site will be protected from intruders.

In addition the site is re-located from time to time as the work along the pipeprogresses.

The solution included a multi-faceted security system based on 2 types of detection sensors:

1. Magos SR500 radars –  radars installed on a {TBD} feet high pole in the middle of the site offering 360 degrees of coverage. The radars are installed at such a height so as to allow maximum line of site within the protected site, and full line of site to the surrounding fence and beyond it to the various access paths


2. Indicative fence around the perimeter – with sensors installed every ~10 feet dividing the fence into segments. Alarm is triggered in each segment separately whenever an intruder tries to penetrate/climb over the fence. This also includes sensor at the access gates to avoid false-alarms when the gate is opened or alternatively alert when the gate is opened un-intentionally.



In addition 3 type of cameras were installed as verification means:

1 PTZ thermal camera – a high reliability camera installed on the pole next to the radars for maximum line of sight

4 PTZ IR illuminated cameras – for covering areas where the thermal camera has poor or no line of sight.

24 Fixed day cameras placed around the site allowing a closer view of the monitored site in case of detection


The entire perimeter security system is controlled and managed using the MASS software that is installed on a server in the control room.


Control functions were divided into the following categories:

A.Mass control software:

* Showing a Birdseye view of the site, the coverage areas of each sensor (radar/camera/fence segment), and their physical location on the map, their status etc. *The MASS includes interest zones (alarm zones, ignore zones etc.) and allows full flexibility in defining the sensor operation logic (which sensors direct which cameras, what type of detection to ignore etc.)

* The MASS integrates between the sensors – allowing automatic cueing of the appropriate camera to the location of reported detections and displaying the relevant video stream on the main display screen

* The is also integrated with a VMS software controlling which video streams are displayed in real time, and issuing event signals upon intrusion detection such that the video captions of these events could be logged and tagged in the VMS server for post-mortem analysis.

B. VMS software:

*Allowing full management and logging of the video streams from all on-site cameras

C. Indicative Fence Control Software:

*Allowing initial installation and fine-tuning and parameterizing of the indicative fence independently of the MASS software.


The principle themes guiding this solution are the corner stones of Magos perimeter security vision

A. Radar based solution provides extremely high reliability of detection, and full protection at all weather and lighting conditions.

B. Multi layered protection relying on several types of detection sensors, such that each possible intrusion scenarios is handled by at least two sensors

C. Additional verification means allows reduction of false alarms and minimum hassle when detection is triggered in non-hostile scenarios (one of the authorized personnel accidently touches the fence/ a big animal is walking outside the fence etc.)

D. The entire solution is controlled and managed via a single software simplifying the installation and minimizing compatibility issues and mishandling errors.

E. Compared to alternatives this is the lowest cost solution available as it minimizes the use of high-end expensive thermal cameras, and minimizes the infrastructure needed. (e.g. a VMD based alternative with same performance must rely on multiple thermal cameras supplying double coverage over every corner of the site)

This site demonstrated the ease of integration of Magos products with other sensors and means. The VMS software, all the cameras and the indicative fence were chosen by the customer. After site construction and sensor placement the entire technological solution was brought-up within less than a week. In addition the site can be easily relocated by the customer without requiring additional support. The solution is also scalable allowing for much larger sites with additional sensors and/or multiple sites controlled either locally or in a single command and control center that group several sites.


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