Magos Appliances

Magos AI appliances integrate deep learning video analytics with any IP camera – Daylight or Thermal to provide video detection and classification capabilities to the complete MASS system. This provides a very robust and reliable target classification capability, greatly reduces nuisance alarms from wildlife and swaying vegetation, and also improves target tracking performance. An AI appliance runs Magos’ MASS and performs video analytics on several video channels concurrently. For larger sites, Appliances can be seamlessly stacked to work with any number of video channels.

Presenting MAGOS Integrated AI Target Classifier

Integration with Avigilon VMS

Integration with Digifort VMS

Integration with Genetec VMS

Integration with Latitude VMS

Integration with MileStone VMS

Integration with Exacq VMS

Integration with Qognify VMS

GPS Tracking of Friendly targets in MASS

Magos Radars protecting Yale University

Magos Radars integration with multiple systems

Magos integration with Opgal/Vumii shown in Milestone VMS

Integration with thermal camera

MASS integration with Milestone, DVTEL, Avigilon and more

Seamless integration








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