Magos Systems announces technology partnership with Netwatch to expand customers’ actionable video intelligence

Magos, the leader in advanced radar detection technology, is pleased to announce a technology partnership with Netwatch North America, the leader in proactive video monitoring solutions, to bring actionable intelligence when deploying a radar detection system. 

By combining Magos radars with Netwatch’s proactive video monitoring solution, security leaders realize enhanced visibility and informed response. AI-filtered alerts supported by Netwatch’s highly trained operators result in reduced false alarms. 

“By combining Magos radars with the Netwatch proactive video monitoring service, customers gain greater situational awareness and the ability to detect and respond to perimeter breaches, whether it is an intruder entering a secure facility or simply a false alarm caused by an animal entering the field of view,” said Yaron Zussman, General Manager, Magos Americas. 

Netwatch North America is a pioneer in the delivery of proactive video monitoring, a purpose-built service developed to help stop crimes before they happen. Its personalized audio voice downs stop crime on 98% of occasions. Because of its proven effectiveness, it is widely used in various environments, including retail, cannabis, auto dealerships, wineries, and parking facilities. 

Magos Systems radars are ideal for substations, car lots, data centers, critical infrastructure and other sites needing perimeter protection that surveillance alone cannot handle. The company offers a cost-effective radar system at a variety of ranges. Using MIMO technology, its radars can transmit and receive more data at a higher rate of speed.  

“Through our partnership with Magos Systems, we are enhancing our customers’ situational awareness and their ability to detect and respond to perimeter breaches,” said Justin Wilmas, President, Netwatch North America. “By combining Magos radars with Netwatch’s proactive video monitoring service, we are reducing false positives and increasing the accuracy in detecting and classifying objects. This collaboration ensures that our customers receive only the most relevant and actionable information, enabling more efficient and effective security measures.” 

Magos radars combine MASS and advanced AI algorithms, to provide video-based object classification, including people, vehicles, and boats. Known as MASS+AI, it can also filter out irrelevant alerts caused by wildlife and fauna without compromising threat detection. 

For further information about the Netwatch and Magos Systems technology partnership, visit the company’s website at


About Magos Systems

Magos Systems was founded in 2010 by Aviel Kisliansky and Amit Isseroff, with a vision to bring advanced radar technologies to the civilian markets. The company offers extensive know-how and specializes in the development of innovative, high-performance, cost-effective radars. Magos’ perimeter security solution seamlessly integrates with many VMS and camera models, and together with its unique AI Technology provides exact video-based object classification to cut down nuisance alarms to near zero without compromising threat detection capabilities. With a broad international experience in hundreds of installations for over 40 countries, Magos Systems provides comprehensive and advanced security solutions for multiple verticals. For further information, visit the company’s website at:

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