Magos Systems newest radar, the SR-150, offers affordable radar detection technology for small perimeters

The SR-150 provides high level of security for small sites

Magos Systems, the leader in advanced radar detection technology, has introduced the SR-150 radar, a new radar that is ideal for smaller sites looking to implement enhanced radar detection and larger locations that need to fill a gap to address a dead zone in their perimeter protection.

The small form SR-150 is an important addition to Magos Systems portfolio of ground based radar detection systems. Built with the same high standards as its other, longer range models, the SR-150 is a cost-effective solution that provides 150 meters of coverage, including up to 30 degrees of elevation coverage and 120 degrees of azimuth coverage. Using C-band frequency, the radar consumes less power than other radar detection technology and combines superior range resolution (less than 1 meter) and an angle resolution lower than 0.7° allowing for near perfect detection of threats in the most challenging cluttered and weather environments.

“We developed the SR-150 radar to provide our customers with a comprehensive portfolio of radar detection technologies,” said Yaron Zussman, general manager, Magos Americas. “With the addition of the SR-150, we now offer a variety of radar detection solutions that cover short range and long-range radar detection needs, at several different price points for customers.”

By combining the Magos MASS solution with AI, the SR-150 reduces nuisance and false alarms to nearly zero. With supreme radar detection abilities and AI sophisticated algorithms, the SR-150 provides exact video based object classification, including people, vehicles and boats, and the ability to accurately filter out irrelevant alerts on wildlife and fauna, without compromising threat detection capabilities.

Ideal for a variety of industries, including substations, car lots, data centers, critical infrastructure, and more, the SR-150 is small in size and weight, and also offers low power consumption, making it simpler to install when compared with other radar detection technology systems.


By utilizing MIMO technology, the SR-150 use multiple transmit and receiving antennas, increasing resolution and improving detection performance even in highly cluttered environments. Digital beam forming technology ensures pinpoint accuracy of the radar detection technology, by steering the radar sensors to the area that requires coverage.

Like other radar detection solutions from Magos System, the SR-150 integrates with major VMS platforms, physical access control systems (PACS) and PTZ brands.

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